The Luxury Trio v2

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Truly Luxury!


A stunning combination of our top 3 premium bracelets to create a unique look. For a limited time, we are selling the whole collection at discounted price.

★ These premium trio bracelets are handmade by our artisans in USA, Europe and Asia

★ Made from hand picked finest stones

★ Gold plated with crystal covered beads

★ Made with Macrame fabric set in Terlenka thread and woven with a Franciscan knot.

 Why buy from us?

   Free Insured Shipping

 Free returns

 Two Years warranty


Vogue Accent bracelets are of premium quality. We are convinced that you will love Yours. It is for this reason that we guarantee you a refund of up to 20 days after the delivery of your Vogue Accent bracelet as well as 2 years Warranty.

The Luxury Trio v2
The Luxury Trio v2
The Luxury Trio v2
The Luxury Trio v2