The Silver Owl
The Silver Owl
The Silver Owl
The Silver Owl
The Silver Owl

The Silver Owl

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For the owl you don`t yet know


The Silver Owl bracelet represents being patient, and mental toughness. Owls are known for hunting their pray from up high, and sometimes waiting for several hours before striking.  This transfers over to humans with the idea of waiting for the right time to do something in life, rather then jumping into something you cannot handle.  Wearing the Golden Owl will remind you to stay above others, and to think long and hard before doing something.

 ★ The Silver Owl is handmade by our artisans in USA, Europe and Asia

★ Made from hand picked finest stones

★ Silver plated owl

★ Made on a double stretchable elastic band to prevent it from being damaged in any way

 Why buy from us?

   Free Insured Shipping

 Free returns

 Two Years warranty


Vogue Accent bracelets are of premium quality. We are convinced that you will love Yours. It is for this reason that we guarantee you a refund of up to 20 days after the delivery of your Vogue Accent bracelet as well as 2 years Warranty.

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